So. Jun 16th, 2024

Facebook renames the Libra; An assessment of the ECB’s digital euro; Ethereum 2.0 euphorizes the community; Bitcoin Storm app on BlackRock and Spotify’s radar is looking for a crypto expert.

Another exciting week in the crypto space is drawing to a close. Many exciting events have taken place and those that have most interested our readers can be found here in a compact overview.

As shown in a press release on Tuesday, Facebook’s planned stablecoin will now have a different name. As announced by the Libra Association, the cryptocurrency will henceforth trade under the name „Diem“ . As a result, the organization also adapts to the new name. There was also a change in the management floor. Stuart Levy became the new CEO of the Diem Association on December 1st. With this realignment, Facebook is pursuing the goal of countering any regulatory concerns in advance.

Assessment of the digital euro of the ECB

On Wednesday the European Central Bank published the long-awaited report on the digital euro. In the document, the ECB emphasizes that it has not yet decided whether a digital euro will actually be introduced. At the same time, however, the central bank stressed that it was ready to introduce a digital euro “if the need arises”. Three crucial key aspects are essential in order to be able to interpret the report correctly. First: the digital euro is not digital cash. Second: The ECB neglects the aspect of programmability. Third: intermediaries will also play an important role in the digital euro.

Ethereum 2.0 euphorizes the community

The biggest update in Ethereum history went as planned. After years of work, the Genesis block of the ETH 2.0 Beacon Chain has finally seen the light of day. The biggest change is the introduction of the proof-of-stake mechanism. The anticipation of the big upgrade really euphorized the community and is accordingly reflected in the Ethereum rate, which is currently at 600 US dollars. ETH owners around the world had stocked up on 32 ETH that were necessary to take part in the staking process. Crypto exchanges such as Binance and Coinbase had announced in advance that they would offer a staking service.

Bitcoin on BlackRock’s radar

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock, told a US think tank event that Bitcoin had appeared on the radar of the world’s largest wealth manager. There he said that the cryptocurrency had enormous potential and has already noticed an impact on the US dollar. BlackRock isn’t the first major asset manager to see potential in cryptocurrencies. The Fidelity Report published in October also recognized the possibilities that Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto space offer.

Spotify is serious

The music streaming service Spotify is looking for a new Associate Director for the Payment Strategies and Innovations department with proven expertise in the crypto space. The focus of the activity is on the application possibilities of well-known crypto technologies such as blockchain for the business of Spotify. In addition, cryptocurrencies in general, as well as stablecoins and central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and other digital assets, also fall within the scope of the post. Spotify is part of the Facebook consortium around „Diem“. With the job advertisement, Spotify shows that cryptocurrencies could apparently play a role for the company in the future.

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