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Summary of the Article:
• Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is opposed to the idea of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).
• He believes that CBDCs would destroy the value, anonymity, and decentralization of Bitcoin.
• Cruz is concerned about how CBDCs could be used by governments to spy on people’s financial activities.

Senator Ted Cruz Opposes CBDC

Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas says he doesn’t want a digital dollar or any central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) entering the fray as he believes they’ll bring about an end to Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency he has a lot of respect and admiration for. In a recent statement, Cruz said that China intends to use a CBDC to destroy all value of bitcoin, and that the Federal Reserve is studying creating a CBDC.

How Would A CBDC Affect Bitcoin?

Central bank digital currencies go against everything bitcoin and its initial altcoin counterparts are going for. Initially, they were all designed to serve as decentralized forms of payment for individuals across the globe but with central banks in the mix those notions would ultimately become null and void. These currencies would destroy all that the first cryptocurrencies stood for and bring about an end to the crypto industry as we know it. In addition, CBDCs would likely give rise to a new wave of governmental power where regulators around the world would be able to spy on people’s activities and potentially get in the way anytime they wanted.

Cruz Fears Governmental Control Through A CBDC

Cruz believes that trying to implement a digital dollar or other type of centralized currency nationally by everyone could make Bitcoin less unique which could lead it becoming virtually obsolete in turn. He’s also worried about how government protocols can be used against people through these currencies saying “I think that’s exceptionally dangerous…I’m very concerned about the risk of a CBDC.“

Bitcoin Is Built To Resist Governmental Control

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin were initially created so individuals across the globe could access products and services without needing traditional financial tools or permission from anyone else but themselves – making them truly decentralized payments systems without governmental control or oversight over their use. With central banks implementing their own versions this will strip away all these benefits leaving users at risk from governmental control over their finances – something which goes against what many believe cryptocurrencies stand for in principle today.


Senator Ted Cruz opposes any attempts at introducing Central Bank Digital Currencies because he fears it will take away all value from Bitcoin while giving governments more control over people’s financial activities – something which goes against everything cryptocurrencies stand for today. It remains uncertain if his opposition will be enough to prevent them being implemented but it highlights just how important decentralized payments systems are in our modern world where governments have increasingly more control over our lives than ever before.

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