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Men presented themselves as religious, but they were nothing more than scammers who were even arrested. Victims are wanted by the FBI.

Three shepherds applied a financial pyramid blow with Bitcoin and Forex. With an estimated loss of R$ 150 million, even the FBI would be helping in the investigation of the case.

The pyramid scams associating the image of Bitcoin have grown in recent years all over the world. In Brazil, for example, schemes like Unick Forex, Indeal, Midas Trend and Genbit were some of the main companies to relate the image of Bitcoin in schemes.

However, in several countries scams have become common, even in the United States. According to investigations, three men who pretended to be shepherds entered religious temples to perpetuate the scams.

The coup would have taken place in the state of Maryland, in the northeast region of the United States.

Three fake shepherds are accused of carrying out a coup with Bitcoin and Forex on thousands of investors

The FBI in the United States is looking for the victims of the coup perpetrated by three false pastors. The coup has claimed victims in the state of Texas, Georgia, New York, Florida, among others.

According to the FBI, the coup would have raised at least $28 million between 2017 and 2019. The victims were invited to invest in The Smart Partners LLC, which also used the name „1st Million Dollars“.

At the time, three men were considered the leaders of the scheme, being Dennis Jali, John Frimpong and Arley Johnson. Holding events in luxury hotels, the men presented themselves as religious and church pastors.

Thus, by passing on trust as „men of God“, the „pastors“ presented the fraudulent company to beginning investors. By presenting the business, they were offered above market gains with Forex and Cryptomoeda. In addition, the clients believed that they could achieve their financial freedom by helping the church they were part of.

„The defendants allegedly presented themselves as pastors and told potential investors that the 1st Million’s work was in favor of God’s mission, because it helped the churches and their members to obtain personal wealth and financial freedom,“ pointed out the FBI.

By using the money from the new clients to pay off the old ones, typical of Ponzi schemes, the three ended up being arrested.

FBI opened a form to identify the victims of the scam

The FBI, which helps in the investigations, now seeks to recognize the victims of the coup with Forex and Bitcoin. For this purpose, a form has been opened for possible victims to identify themselves and help in the investigations of the US Federal Police.

For the FBI, it is important that the victims of the 1st Million Dollar coup identify themselves and cooperate. This coup involving Bitcoin and religion is not the first to draw attention in the world.

In Brazil, for example, Genbit is a company identified as a pyramid scheme, investigated by the São Paulo Civil Police. Genbit leaders have even been accused of infiltrating the Christian church in Brazil, harming believers in several cities.

Another one that used God’s name in the possible coup was Midas Trend, when participating in the event March for Jesus. The possible coup, which ended its activities in 2020, had a leader who even prayed when he presented the business to investors, but months ago he disappeared and did not pay anyone.

That is, in Brazil or in the United States, malicious people use Bitcoin in scams, sometimes in religious environments. It is common in all scams to promise profits above the market and guaranteed, but the belief in these scams has devastated families around the world.

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